A Deeper Look into A Rare 1875 Half Eagle 'CC' Gold Coin

A Deeper Look into A Rare 1875 Half Eagle 'CC' Gold Coin

This is the extraordinarily rare, 1875 Half Eagle 'CC' $5 Liberty Gold Coin, designed by Chief Engraver of the United States Mint Christian Gobrecht. This Gold coin is denoted with the 'CC' marking on the back which provides proof that it was actually minted in one of the rarest mints the Unites States Government has ever had. The 'CC' represents Carson City, Nevada. There are a few other United States mints, such as the Philadelphia Mint, which typically does not contain a marking, 'P' as in 'Plain', and can be found on the Gold coins produced in Philadelphia. The other mint is the 'S' mint which stands for the San Francisco Mint, and lastly the 'O' which stands for New Orleans Mint, which are also quite scarce themselves, especially for the Gold coins. What is quite unusual about this coin in particular, is that this is one of the very few coins made in one the rarest mints the United States has ever had, the Carson City Mint.  The regular date, (1875) holds a mintage of only 200 coins recorded!  With this 'CC' marking there was a total of only 11,828 of these Gold  coins produced and in perfect condition, these coins are worth over $200,000 dollars! These 1875 Gold Half Eagle  coins contain 0.24187 ounces of pure gold. Making this Gold Coin,  90% Gold. This is a perfect example of obtaining one of the key dates of the $5 Gold Coins, for an extremely low price of well below $20,000. As stated before, these Gold coins are considered extremely short in supply, and when found, it is a wonderful piece to incorporate into your collection! Thus, this 1875 Gold coin is far more important, as numismatic collectibles, rather than bullion pieces.
Let’s dive into evaluating the authenticity of a Gold coin. A genuine coin will be made of the correct type of material, and density of metal. For example, a silver dime is made of silver, and a gold dollar is made of at least 14kt gold. Coins produced entirely of the right material such as metal or alloy will produce a contrast in weight and density. Each metal or alloy has a standard density that can be measured by simple tests devised as far back as Archimede’s time, 2500 years ago. Furthermore, every genuine coin that you may come across, will ultimately have a standard mass, easily measured with a good quality balance.  If your coin is electroplated, meaning a general process that will create a metal coating on a solid substrate through the reduction of the cations of that given metal by means of a direct electric current. Much care is required for these old mints have been often known to change metals depending from time to time.  
U.S. Gold Coin 1875 Half Eagle CC - $30K Appraisal Value

 Appraisal Value: $30,000.00

Our Price: $9,900.00

The overall condition of this rare 1875 'CC' Half Eagle Gold coin is more than excellent, and has almost uncirculated qualities. Details, such as the band on the "liberty," are virtually perfect! According to the Official Red book, an MS-60 condition coin is valued at $45,000, in AU-55 condition the coin is valued at $25,000.

We went to great efforts to take high-resolution quality photos for you, the buyer, to decide the quality, and this incredible coin will ship exactly as photographed in Excellent Condition. It also comes with a FREE $30,000.00 Certified Insurance Appraisal and Authenticity Certificate!

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