A Guide To: Watch Straps

A Guide To: Watch Straps

Many a times we question how to find the right bracelet for our watches, or which bracelet should be even used at all on a particular watch. These questions are not to be answered completely due to the fact that as in every area, there are particular rules to follow to guide you through the process, rather a direct answer.
The very first step in this process is to first educate yourself on whether that particular watch is suited for a universal bracelet. To be certain of this your old strap should have a normal straight impulse.  Some brands have special features regarding the strap and also some buckle, which have to be considered of course.
A second important criterion when choosing your new watch strap is the primary material used in the bracelet. Of course you are allowed to do as you please, however, the right choice, the character of your watch can still be highlighted extraordinarily well by means of a complimenting strap.  As a rule of thumb, the simpler the dial, the more eye-catching the strap can be, and vice versa. For example, watch straps with exotic patterns - such as alligator, crocodile, ostrich or teju lizard - can be used for watches that have a very simple, tidy design. Conversely, sporty chronographs with many functions often appear overloaded by such bands. Here a non-structured leather like calf, beef or shell cordovan is more suitable.
Once this question has been answered, the bracelet should be selected according to the nature of the watch. If the watch is very large and dominant, then a watch strap with similar characteristics is needed so that it does not look lost on the watch. Watch straps for Breitling chronographs, for example, are heavily padded because they are very solid watches. The opposite is true. If you have a very fine, elegant and filigree watch, then you should choose a very flat padded watch strap that reflects the proportions of the watch well. Otherwise, the combination of strap and watch is not very harmonious.
The colour of the ribbon also plays an important role and should be taken into account. This applies both to the colour of the leather and to the colour of the seam. In general, the lighter the colour or seam, the more casual the tape will look. Bands with very light or bright colours or seams are ideal for sporty chronographs or leisure watches. Watch straps with dark colours or seams - such as black/black or brown/brown - are perfect for elegant and fine timepieces. 
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Cartier Roadster Strap Original Black Alligator Leather With 18K WG Clasp 5,5" $5K Appraisal Value

Authentic Cartier roadster wrist watch strap with 18 karat white gold clasp. This stunning authentic genuine Cartier black alligator leather watch strap is 16mm at lug ends (excluding the width of the protruding metal mechanism). It features the signature Cartier logo on the back of the strap, as well as "BMF", "Swiss made" & "KD93X037".

Serial number: KD93X037

Original Cartier roadster strap is approximately 5,5" or 140 mm length and 16 mm width.


Our Price: $ 2,995.00


The above item  comes with a FREE Certified Insurance Appraisal valued at $5,000.00
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