A Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio NFT

A Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio NFT

A Freshly Retired Sports Legend and an Up-And-Coming Actress

In 1952 DiMaggio asked an acquaintance to set up a date with Monroe. While the public highlighted their differences, Monroe recalled their common desire for a stable home and children. “The truth is that we were very much alike,” Monroe said to author Ben Hecht in her memoir My Story. “My publicity, like Joe’s greatness, is something on the outside. It has nothing to do with what we actually are.”

The Wedding at City Hall

Monroe and DiMaggio were married in a small ceremony at City Hall on January 14, 1954. The newlyweds posed for photographs on the steps of Saints Peter and Paul Church. A church wedding was not an option at the time as both were previously divorced.

A Short and Not-So-Sweet Marriage

The couple sought a normal life but the volatility of her career began to chafe on her new husband who reportedly expected a stay at home wife. DiMaggio was not a fan of The Seven Year Itch and the now-famous subway grate scene. According to Monroe he said, “… exposing my legs and thighs, even my crotch — that was the last straw.” A visibly tearful and upset Monroe publicly announced their divorce only nine months after they wed.

Monroe Reunites with a Devoted DiMaggio

When Monroe's third marriage came to its conclusion, she was admitted to a psychiatric clinic in New York. It was DiMaggio who secured his ex-wife’s release. Monroe died the following year on August 4, 1962, from an overdose. A devastated DiMaggio claimed her body and arranged for her funeral, reportedly barring Hollywood’s elite as well as members of the Kennedy family including then-U.S. President John F. Kennedy, with whom Monroe was rumored to have had an affair. “I’ll go to my grave regretting and blaming myself for what happened to her,” DiMaggio is quoted as saying in Dinner With DiMaggio. “Sinatra told me later that ‘Marilyn loved me anyway, to the end.’"

A Rare Photograph of an Iconic Couple

We have in our collection an original black and white photograph of a freshly married Monroe and DiMaggio. DiMaggio is uniquely captured smoking a cigarette despite his reputation for hiding his smoking habit. The two of them were considered one of the most iconic couples of their time. Purchase of this photograph (9.5” x 7.5”) comes with a professionally matted and framed finish. In addition to the physical item, you will also receive a one of a kind NFT of the image as well.