Appraisals: Rare Liquor License From The 18th Century! How Does It Work?

Appraisals: Rare Liquor License From The 18th Century! How Does It Work?

With over 40 years of accredited experience as an appraiser one of our main aims is to educate, and inform, individuals looking to find the value of their items, and the interesting history behind them which can be in many cases, overlooked.  Its common sense to all, that without mankind we wouldn’t have history, the places and things, that exist and the indicative signs representing the events that take place in our lives. When we see thousand-year-old historical documents, they are nothing more than tangible reports of how people may have traveled, lived, suffered and died centuries, decades, years, or days before us.

Not all ‘older’ documents are valuable for their intrinsic market value, but they must be regarded as vital and incremental sources of information for scholars, researchers, and historians who wish to perpetuate every facet of history no matter how inconsequential it may seem.  A document appraisal or manuscript appraisal begins with the identification: what, where, and when. Most document appraisals do not involve us personally examining the original, many times that is very well the case but identification from clear digital images can typically provide more insight into what is not as visible to the human eye.  The quality of digital images is such today that from thousands of miles away, and in an instant (email) we can view with clarity the characteristics that identify the document. If it is a collection of documents, especially similar in like and kind.  Appraising rare documents and historical documents is a riveting experience to the client and to ourselves, we believe  it is not only a glimpse into the past but a glimpse into what is sometimes foreshadowing the future. 


NYC Liquor and Tax License, Antique Legal Document - $10K Appraisal Value 

NYC Liquor and Tax License

Item Description

Rare legal document approving the license for running an Inn and selling spirits to James Ryan of the East ward of New York City. The document is signed by then-Mayor of New York, Richard Varick .Richard Varick (March 15, 1753 – July 30, 1831) was an American lawyer, military officer, and politician who has been referred to as "The Forgotten Founding Father." A major figure in the development of post-Independence New York City and State, Varick became the 45th Mayor of New York City   in 1789 and served eleven consecutive one-year terms until 1801.Varick served as private secretary to George Washington during the Revolutionary War and as the Attorney General of New York State in 1788, succeeded by Aaron Burr. This legal document levis tax on James Ryan, a New York Inn and Bar owner, and grants him license for one year to run an Inn and sell spirits. The contract stipulates that if the Inn were to become disorderly or if the Tavern were to harbor illegal gambling activities (such as Billiards or Cock-fighting) the contract would be void and the state would seize the property.

Appraisal Value: $10,000.00

Our Price: $4,900.00



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