Artist Highlight: Isabel Brinck 'Poem Number 14'

Artist Highlight: Isabel Brinck 'Poem Number 14'

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'Poem Number 14,' Acrylic on Canvas, Framed, 2019

20 Love Poems and a Song of Despair is a collection of romantic poems by the Chilean poet PABLO NERUDA who was only 19 years old when the poems were published in 1924.

Veinte poemas was controversial for its eroticism, especially considering Neruda’s young age.

The poet has mixed in his verses the physical characteristics of several real women of his early youth to create an image of the unreal beloved that does not correspond to any of them in particular, but represents a purely poetic idea of his love object. 
With Neruda, love, melancholy and pain are indissoluble. They are part of a single emotion, which is embodied in the archetype of a disembodied woman. A woman loaded with an erotic mysticism, the fruit of teenage instinct and reverie, loaded with textures, tastes and smells that are there to combine and express a primitive feeling, which is born from the bowels and multiplies in the verses of each poem.

The set of words that make up Neruda's poems lead us to assume shape, size and color modeled in our imagination, sometimes transforming it into something crude, painful and heartbreaking, culminating in gloom, melancholy and abandonment; others more mutated into the sublime, spiritual emotion, revealing one of the sweetest nuances of the human soul or conducive to its more hidden pleasures.

About this series, Isabel Brinck states:

'I have focused my work on the sweet and nor the sour.

In this series I have tried to tie these poems to my personal history and translate them onto the canvas through my way of painting, my colors, and the images that come from my subconscious. I have tried to capture love as something beautiful, something that makes you feel more beautiful. I have studied the canons of feminine beauty such as the Greek Goddess Aphrodite- the Olympian goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. These love poems exalt the body and feminine beauty describing a pure woman, of an exuberant beauty, as great as nature itself.


I based this series on my visual interpretations of the imaginary woman portrayed in Neruda’s poems. I try to represent a woman as a slave of love, who is "upright", dominant in the Universe, where she reaches a "living" creation, fundamental and full like a flower.'


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Our Price: $2,495.00


 Artist: Isabel Brinck 

Title: 'Poem Number 14'

Series: White Bee (Canvas)

Style: Contemporary Art

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 

Size/Dimensions: 16"x16"

Year: 2019

Condition: Excellent 

Certificate of Authenticity: Signed by artist 

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