Contemporary Art At APR57

Contemporary Art At APR57

Here at APR57 we are now representing over 30 of the top contemporary artists out there! We support and encourage the arts community and hope to continue to seek out emerging and established artists.
Given the amount of contemporary art offered in the market, it is more often than not that great artists struggle to promote their art, regardless of the quality of their work. Whether it is their exact style, medium, the unique way of expressing themselves our art expert believes that these artists all offer something unique that is difficult to find anywhere else! The prices of the artwork that we are offering is extraordinary reasonable in today’s booming market. 
Every piece of artwork we offer will come with a free Certificate of Authenticity and a free certified International into our insurance appraisal that in most cases will appraise the item for approximately double the suggested special price that we’re offering it for. Additionally, virtually every piece will come with an additional certificate of authenticity directly from the artist, as well as a small note stating their inspiration and and reasons behind creating that specific unique piece that you purchased. If the item was purchased as a gift we might also be able to have the artist make a special note stating their gratitude for giving it to that certain person with a personal note as well!
With that in mind, we encourage you to view the following artists and their pieces of work. We also welcome your feedback. Please contact us with any interest or questions. We will be happy to address them immediately in the best way possible. For an immediate response, call or text us at 917-439-9610.
We look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to contact us with any suggestions or any questions you may have. Enjoy!
Below are three artists we currently represent as well as one piece of their works.

1. Jack Graves III

Artist Statement:
I describe my art as elaborate Rorschach tests. These paintings conjure an intellectually and emotionally stirring atmosphere which interacts uniquely with each individual viewer. The artworks are formulated by delicately arranging subconscious ideas which are built from the placement of the initial visual gesture. From my first action on the canvas grows an amalgam of realistic images, textures, styles, and design resulting in visual poetry. I wish for the final product to echo back and forth with the viewer continuously resonating a desirable ambience.

Jack Graves III, 'Cara Delevingne Supreme', Eclecticism Series, Original Acrylic on Canvas, 2020 - Appraisal Value:  $10K

Artist: Jack Graves III
Title: 'Cara Delevingne Supreme'
Series: Eclecticism Series
Style: Contemporary Art-Pop Art
Medium: Original Acrylic on Canvas
Size/Dimensions: 60" (height) x 48" inches (width)
Date Created: 2020
Condition: Excellent 
Appraisal Value: $10,000.00
Our Price: $4,795.00

2. Dan Stirling


Artist Statement:
 'I have always been fascinated by the technical abilities of classical renaissance artists. Their fusion of skill and composition has inspired me to experiment with oil paint as a new medium.
In my drawings I aim to captivate the viewer not only with detailed techniques but also with surreal, emotional concepts made believable by a sense of realism.
Using varied techniques to create painstakingly precise detail, my drawings and paintings can take many months to complete.'

Dan Stirling, 'Be Mine', Framed Art Drawing, 2014 - Appraisal Value: $20K

Artist: Dan Sirling
Title: 'Be Mine'
Medium:  Hand drawn in waterproof/fadeproof fine-liner pen (archival ink) on 600GSM Arches cold-pressed cotton rag paper. Bespoke frame, float mounted. ‘Ultra-view’ glass.
Size/Dimensions: 34.2" x 27.1" inches
Date Created: 2014
Condition: New
Appraisal Value: $20,000.00
Our Price: $9,900.00                      

3. Lidia Nesterova 

Artist Statement: 

  "My works are about a character or a hero and a story behind them. A viewer does not have to know the story. These stories exist in my imagination and inspire me to make the paintings. The implementation of these ideas take different forms and techniques."

LIDIA NESTEROVA "Don’t Kiss Me Deadly" 1995
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 85.5” x 72.5” - $120K Appraisal Value

Artist: Lidia Nesterova
Title: ' Don’t Kiss Me Deadly'
Series: Nureyev Series
Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
Size/Dimensions: 85.5” (wide) x 72.5” (high)
Date Created: 1995
Condition: Excellent 
Appraisal Value: $120,000.00
Our Price: $59,995.00
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