Contemporary Artist Highlight: Lauren Sanderfer

Contemporary Artist Highlight: Lauren Sanderfer

LAUREN SANDERFER "Reflections" Oil on Canvas, 2021 - $22K Appraisal Value

Artwork Description:

“This piece depicts the dream realm surrounding the two figures. The imagery mirrored in her skin signifies the act of merging into the dream world. The endless and mystical dream scenery is reflected within and without her. She is harnessing a ball of energy which represents the creative power she possesses to influence her reality.” - Lauren Sanderfer

Artist Statement:


"Through my body of work, I seek to explore the mysteries of the dream world and bring them into the physical world with hyper-realistic precision. My work combines surrealistic elements inspired by my dreams with realistic portraiture. The hyper realistic aspect of my work alludes to the feeling of perceiving things as real while in the midst of a dream." - Lauren Sanderfer

Artist: Lauren Sanderfer
Title: Reflections
Dimensions/Size: 36" x 48" inches
Medium:  Oil on Canvas
Year: 2021
Condition: Excellent, New
Custom Framing: Available Upon Request
Certificate of Authenticity: Signed by Artist