Fabergé Sterling Silver Ceremonial Cup

Fabergé Sterling Silver Ceremonial Cup


This cup was made by no less than Fabergé, the most famous silver smith and jeweler in all of Eastern Europe. It was created in the early 1900s. This silver-colored metal cup weighs 6-7 lbs. It is very large, the length is approximately 9 inches, the width approximately 6 inches. It is dated 1903. The semi-precious stones: emerald, black onyx, coral, among other cabochons. It has four legs. Our research done during the appraisal process revealed to us that a general gifted this to soldiers who had protected him during an attack.


The gift honored the soldiers, whose signatures appear on the cup. It is hallmarked by the Faberge stamp in several different places. 


Fabergé is well-known for its eggs, the finest collection of handmade enamel eggs in the world. The finest collection belonged to the Forbes family. They sold the vast majority of the collection years ago for tens of millions of dollars.


This incredible piece is valued at over $100,000. 


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