Part One: Set of Jewish Ceremonial Items

Part One: Set of Jewish Ceremonial Items

Judaica is a category of objects used in Jewish ceremonial contexts. 


Four pewter pieces of Judaica. Pewter items are generally made in larger quantities for the mass market.


First is a Kiddush cup (“Kiddush” = “Holy”), used during the blessing to sanctify the Jewish and Shabbat holidays, filled with either wine or grape juice. Often pieces like this will be hand-engraved with text or scenes of ancestral towns, villages, or synagogues. Because this item is old enough to be considered an antique, but only a few decades old and not made of a precious metal it would not retail more than $100. We’re interested in buying older Judaica, and many pieces 


Our next piece is a candlestick holder. When one sees a Jewish candlestick holder, they can typically presume that it would have been used mainly on Friday night to welcome in the Sabbath, but this ritual. would require two candles. The single holder, pictured here, would be used on Saturday night to close the Sabbath. The piece has Hebrew lettering on it, the text of which blesses the light of the fire. The ritual solidifies the idea of a “separation” between the Holy Sabbath and the weekday. During the Sabbath, Jews are forbidden from using fire, because kindling fire was a form of work before the days of instant fire starters like lighters.




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