Precious Metals: Must have Necklaces!

Precious Metals: Must have Necklaces!

Jewelry from the collections of the world’s top designers retains its value.  Top designers are known for using high-quality diamonds and precious metals in each piece. They also produce distinctive jewelry for celebrities and royalty, and limited edition collections for everyday consumers. When you buy from top designers, and unique designers as well, you are likely to obtain a piece that will be appreciated with each passing year due to the high-profile, unique and an exceptional quality of each piece and the craftsmanship that follows. 

Gold and diamonds have been in high demand for centuries, regardless of the economic factors that were taking place in society. This high demand helps your jewelry remain valuable, and profitable if you ever need to resell it.

Since gold can be melted and refashioned to make new pieces, its value remains relatively high. Unlike cash, which fluctuates in value depending on the economy, jewelry that contains a higher percentage of gold will always be valuable. For example, as the current economic crisis gripes the globe, the price of gold and gold jewelry continues to skyrocket.

Diamonds are equally as coveted since they can be removed from their settings and reused to create new pieces. These shimmering beauties have been in demand for centuries and are worth a great deal in loose form or when set in a piece of jewelry.  Size and quality adds to a diamond’s value. Large, high-grade diamonds are valuable due to their exceptional size, great clarity and fewer flaws. Additionally, high-quality colored diamonds, such as fancy pink stones, are rarer and tend to increase in value over time.  Large diamonds of an unusual color often fetch the highest return value as they are harder to find.

Regardless of monetary value, your jewelry has an intrinsic worth that money cannot buy. The piece is representative of a moment in time that you will cherish forever.  Most importantly, it will always hold a sentimental value that will increase as it is passed along to future generations of your family. But, if you ever lose your job, become widowed, or need money after a divorce, your fine jewelry can be resold for a nice profit. Below are a few of our pieces that are sure to be a perfect addition to your collection, this stylish and colorful selection is hand picked by our staff! 

Designer White Gold Flower Choker w/ 78 Diamonds- $15K Appraisal Value
This is Van Cleef Style classic, beautiful designer 14K White Gold Choker set with 78 round brilliant diamonds. The round brilliant diamond itself weighs approximately 0.05carats each, and is E-VS. The choker itself measures approximately 12 in. long. This Choker can be worn on a wide variety of occasions, whether they be casual or formal. In excellent condition, this is the classic accompaniment to almost every outfit, and will always add personality to every outfit. 
Appraisal Value: $15,000.00
Our Price: $ 3,495.00
Designer Handmade Emerald Diamond Necklace +27 Cts TCW Set Floral Design in 18 Karat Yellow Gold - $60K Appraisal Value 
This gorgeous Handmade Emerald and Diamond Necklace is in floral design, has 31 floral style intricate pieces set together and made in 18 Karat Yellow Gold. Each floral piece consists of 1 Oval Emerald surrounded by approximately 12 diamonds. The floral pieces connected by 31 bigger diamonds. Overall the necklace has approximately 31 Oval Emeralds (appr. 0.50 cts each) and 370 smaller diamonds and 31 bigger diamonds (3 points each on average). Overall quality of emeralds is extremely fine, medium saturation in color, total emerald weight is roughly 15 Cts. Diamonds are roughly E-color, VS- quality, total diamond weight is approximately 12 Cts. The necklace weights approximately 28.9 grams and 14.5" long.
Appraisal Value: $60,000.00
Our Price: $12,900.00
BVLGARI Rare Vintage 18K YG Pink/Orange Coral Pendant Necklace - $20K Appraisal Value 
     This Bulgaria's Necklace has central 3 Pendants Design features Very Fine Quality Plated Coin Corals. These Very Fine Quality Necklace with Pendants weigh approximately 80 points each and total about 2.40 Carats.

The Medallion Element measures approx. 1.2" tall and 1.3" wide and the necklace chain measures 13" in length. The weight of the necklace is approx. 21.3 grams in 18K Yellow Gold!
The Appraisal Value: $20,000.00
Our Price: $7,995.00
VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Alhambra 18K Rose Gold 21-Diamond Pendant Necklace - $20K Appraisal Value
This is a beautiful Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Alhambra Necklace in 18K Rose Gold! The Necklace contains 21 Round Brilliant Diamonds. Overall, the quality on the Diamonds is D-IF/VVS. Each Diamond is set in a solid 18K gold setting. Overall, this incredible and highly-coveted necklace contains approximately 1.0 cts. of Diamonds! It's an extraordinarily rare, classic and elegant necklace that is sure to hold its value well!
Overall, the necklace measures approximately 16" in length, and weighs approximately 5.4 grams. 
Appraisal Value: $20,000.00
Our Price: $8,995.00
Chinese Jin Bai Zheng Jade & Diamond WG Necklace - $15K Appraisal Value 
This is a beautiful design Chinese pendant necklace containing approximately 58 round-brilliant Diamonds surrounding a beautiful 8.0 Ct. Jade gemstone. The overall quality on the Diamonds is approximately E-VS. Each stone is set in a beautiful Gold setting. This is an extraordinarily rare and beautiful necklace that has an exceptional collector's look.
Overall, the necklace measures approximately 16 inches in length.
Appraisal Value: $15,000.00
Our Price: $3,995.00
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