Principles of Appraising: Coins

Principles of Appraising: Coins

One of the most important, if not number one  principle in appraising is not to assume that age determines the value of a given item. It is true that many items that are very old have a lot of value, but majority of the times, the objects that are older in age do not guarantee a hefty value. For example, if you have a bag of used pennies that are 100 years old, that doesn’t affect the simple fact that those items still hold no value despite being 100 years old. Even ancient coins which have an origin of over 1000 years old still can have little to no value, versus a coin that perhaps, is only 10-15 years old, but holds a much higher value depending on the overall rarity. All value is based on supply and demand which is then relative to the overall condition of the given object. Given that, something that is a common object, in great condition will also obtain more value, simply by being in good condition, therefore increases it’s chances for demand, and an increase in value.
Generally speaking, if you were to obtain a coin for example,  it would in most proper cases, come with a certificate of authenticity. This certificate provides official proof that the object in hand is legitimate, the weight, the color, the clarity, the size, all the specs and details are confirmed and concretely proofed via the certificate of authenticity which then based on those criteria, one can then determine the value of the coin.  Just as important as it is to obtain a certificate of authenticity, it is equally as vital to also be aware of who is issuing the  certificate. A certificate doesn’t necessarily carry any validation unless it is coming from a credited source or company. There are many groups and individuals who are certified and provided credited certificates of authenticity, and others will fall into areas of ‘false certificates’ and ‘fakes’. Within this general range of credible and non-credible authenticators there are plenty of expert groups who specialize in authenticating strictly gems, coins, cards etc. in which the industry generally will rely on for being the ultimate authority as far as certifying them. One of the largest groups in the industry is PCGS, or otherwise known as Professional Coin Grading Service.  There are two types of even more specific authentication within an expert field, the condition of the item and if it is in fact a genuine item. If you have a coin, for example, that it authenticated that is only part one of the equation, the second part of the equation is the condition. The coin scale typically ranges from 5-10, signifying a good/fair condition, 20-25 signifies a very fine condition, 30-45, extra fine, almost uncirculated is typically in the 50 range, a ‘U’ or ‘uncirculated’ has a range of 50-60, and lastly, ‘Mint state’ derived from the term ‘mint’ used to describe a coin freshly made from a mint factory, which are the companies used to create and manufacture coinage.  Mint state 60-70 is used to describe the condition of a perfect item, one that has been kept in perfect condition since its manufacture date.  Now, not all coins kept directly after manufacturing are grades as MS 70. The main reason for this is very interesting. If you have a bag of 1,000 silver dollar coins from the 1800s many a times, the coins within the bag, even if they aren’t  handled by human hands, they themselves can affect their own condition simply by rubbing against each other, and creating their own wears and tears with heavy marks and scratches. If someone were to take that bag and bury it or individually protect each coin they would have a MS worth of up to 68-70.  Below is an example of two uncirculated MS70 Silver Eagle coins. 
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American Silver Eagle coins are a hit with investors and collectors each year. When it comes to the silver apr57 version of the coin, the American Silver Eagle outsells the competition year after year. The US Mint offers the coins in individual flips, mint tubes, and Monster Boxes. At APR 57, we have a special MintSealed option for 2020 American Silver Eagle Tubes that ensures the quality of the coins you purchase. Right now, 2020 American Silver Eagle MintSealed Tubes are available to purchase online from APR 57.

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  • The obverse depicts Walking Liberty in left-profile relief.
  • On the reverse is the heraldic eagle of the United States.

Each of the 2020 American Silver Eagle MintSealed Tubes in this product listing contains a total of 20 individual Silver Eagles in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The coins are housed inside of the original US Mint tube, an acrylic tube with a green cap featuring the US Mint logo. But these 2020 American Silver Eagle Tubes arent your average US Mint tube.

APR 57 has taken the extra step of removing these 2020 Silver Eagle Tubes from the original Monster Box each was shipped in. We verify that these tubes were never opened after leaving the US Mint. Once we do, we wrap the entire tube to seal it and place the APR 57 MintSealed sticker on each tube that identifies the release, date, weight, metal content, and purity. The MintSealed wrap and sealant sticker assure you that these 2020 Silver Eagles are in the exact same condition as when the tubes left the United States Mint.

On the obverse of 2020 American Silver Eagle coins is the image of Walking Liberty. This iconic design was created by Adolph A. Weinman and reflects the nations desire for a peaceful, bright, and prosperous future.

The reverse of 2020 American Silver Eagles features the heraldic eagle of the United States. The oldest coin design still in use in the US, this image was first created in 1794 by Robert Scot and has been modified for countless different denominations over the last 226 years.

Dont forget, these 2020 American Silver Eagles have never been tampered with, the tube never opened, and the coins in the same condition as packaged by the mint. If you have questions about MintSealed products, please contact APR 57. Our customer service team is available at 212-246-2000, online using our live chat, and via our email address.

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