Qing Dynasty, Guardian Lion Statue, from Chiang Kai-Shek

Qing Dynasty, Guardian Lion Statue, from Chiang Kai-Shek

Guardian Lion Statue, Foo Dog
Qing Dynasty, Pre-1936
Gifted by Chiang Kai-Shek
Ceramic w/ Green, yellow, blue and brown paint

About This Piece:
    This antique Foo Pottery Lion is an extremely rare example of handmade pottery sculptures from the Qing dynasty. This is a very special item that belonged to the estate of Mr. Irénée du Pont I, a member of one of the current wealthiest families in the world. This very rare sculpture was given to him in 1936 by General Chiang Kai-Shek of the National Republic of China. The figure come with the original bill of lading and insurance label. The item was insured in 1936, along with two other similar items for $25,000.00 and similar pieces of art with similar appraised values have sold for up to $200,000.00. 

Item Description:
This Chinese Foo Dog, also commonly recognized as a Guardian Lion, usually comes in pairs. It is a highly ornate ceramic piece with an amount of detail that suggests that it was made by an expert craftsman. The lion is painted in a beautiful blue-green and pale yellow with bold designs and symbols making it an incredible sculpture for its age. It sits on a painted, square, hollow base with several meticulously painted flowers and dragons with the same blue-green and pale yellow color scheme in addition to some rich brown. This Foo Dog is depicted in a sitting manner-- docile, yet fierce with its glaring eyes and opened mouth which bears its ferocious fangs. The opened mouth typically means it is a male lion, while the closed mouth typically means it is a female, however, both male and female guardian lions can be depicted with open mouths. 

    The head of this guardian lion is turned to its right and covered with micro black dots and a large protruding bump on its forehead. A large bump on the head in Chinese culture signifies great, all-knowing knowledge, a religious factor usually found on Buddhist figures and spirits. The protruding eyes of the guardian lion are painted black and stare out into the space ahead, protecting the home from any evil. It has large relaxed ears. Across the body of the guardian lion are traditional Chinese drawings of fire, symbolizing this is indeed a spiritual animal. It also has details of minute curls on the top of its head, behind the bump, curls of fur on its chin, and on its back. The details indicate the piece was made by a craftsman of high talent, which is easily noticeable by the details of the fur; each strand is hand-drawn and painted on. The origin of this piece, its age, and condition make this a truly special and rare collectible. 

This sculpture is approximately 11" high, 4" wide, 10" deep.
Appraisal Value: $200,000.00
Our price: $95,000.00
This item is in Brand New Condition and will be shipped exactly as photographed in a black, velvet box.
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