Sterling Silver Buccellati Candle Stick Holders

Sterling Silver Buccellati Candle Stick Holders

We recently came into a beautiful set of candle stick holders by the Italian maker Buccellati. It is a wonderful excuse to share more about this unrivaled maker with you. 

The name Buccellati is synonymous with Italy. The maker's inspiration is derived from Venetian lace, Etruscan patterns, Italian vegetation, insects, and animals. The first Buccellati store was established in 1919, located in Milan on Via degli Orefici. In 1951 Buccellati expanded internationally by opening a store in New York.

Their techniques “haven’t changed since the Renaissance”...“we are the only jewelry company that still uses them.”
From Andrea Buccellati and Maria Cristina Buccellati

Buccellati currently has fifteen ateliers sprinkled around Milan, filled with men and women using tools such as the bulino, a steel chisel topped with a wooden ball for engraving; a bowl of wax to make an impression of a form, a system used by Cellini; and the trapano, made of wood, string, and steel for drilling holes by hand, the same sort of device used by Leonardo da Vinci. 

“This is the history of Italy, to give art to the young generation so as not to lose the art,” Mr. Buccellati said. To do so “comes from the heart. That’s the real Italy.”

Buccellati stands out spectacularly in an industry dominated by mass production. It is for this reason we try to get our hands on as much of it as we can. We currently have in our possession, the pictured lady's gold star ring featuring a 2.00 carat ruby surrounded with yellow diamonds. It is one of the most special rings we have ever had pass through our gallery. 

The candle stick holders and gold star ring can both be viewed at our Manhattan gallery, APR57. If you like Buccellati you will like our radio show. Tune into WOR 710 AM, every Sunday evening between 8pm-9pm. If you have anything you would like to sell or have appraised please contact us. We are the only free appraisal service in town and we would love to tell you more about your piece.
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