Top 3 Most Luxurious Watches

Top 3 Most Luxurious Watches

Today, life moves faster than ever. Keeping track of time is essential in our fast-paced world—so why not do it in style, with one of the world’s best luxury watches on your wrist? 
Luxury watches are destined never to go out of fashion. Even though we now have clocks on our phones, nothing beats the exceptional elegance of a beautifully crafted timepiece. Suddenly, checking the time becomes a rather exciting endeavour. 
But these watches aren’t simply a way of tracking time. A premium time-keeper is an emotional investment. A treasured possession. And it will most likely go on to become a prized family heirloom. 
Not forgetting that a luxury watch is also an enduring symbol of taste and class.  Because what says luxury like a Rolex? What conveys distinction and fashion flair quite like a Patek Philippe? 
A high-end watch is a display of impeccable craftsmanship. It’s a testament to centuries-old traditions and engineering techniques. In fact, the best men’s watches are miniature works of art.
2.Patek Phillipe 
3. Audemar Piguet
1. If there’s one watch brand out there that everybody knows, it’s Rolex. The very name has become by word for luxury and exclusivity. Wearing a Rolex is more than just wearing a watch. It’s a statement of power and prestige.  From its classic collection to its dive and yacht-master watches, Rolex applies its decades of horological experience and technical know-how to the question of creating quality timepieces that owners can carry with them all their lives—and pass on to their children.  Rolex watches have been worn to some of the most remote places on earth; into wild and challenging terrains, down into the depths of the ocean, and up onto lofty mountain peaks. If you needed proof that a Rolex isn’t just a fashion accessory, then this is it. 
The Rolex Brand
In London, England in 1905, Hans Wilsdorf produced the first reliable wristwatch, challenging the popularity of its much more prevalent rival, the pocket watch. He equipped elegantly designed timepieces with precise movements manufactured in Bienne, Switzerland and then sold them to jewelers, who would place their own names on the dials. In 1908, these watches had become so popular that Wilsdorf opened his own office in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and trademarked a name for his company a few years later. Since its humble beginnings, Rolex has become synonymous with luxury and achievement in horology. Rolex became the first wristwatch to receive the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision in 1910. In 1926, the “Oyster” wristwatch was created. It was the first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch by Rolex. Later, in 1945 the Rolex Datejust was first introduced. It was the first self winding wrist chronometer to indicate the date in a window on the dial. The fifties marked a decade to remember. In 1953, Rolex introduced the Explorer and Submariner Collections. The Explorer commemorated the achievement of climbing Mount Everest and the Submariner was the first ever divers’ watch that was waterproof up to 100 meters. Only two years later the GMT-Master was first launched to meet the specific needs of airline pilots. The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date followed in 1956, when it made its debut. It was the first wristwatch to display the date and day of the week spelled out in full on the dial. The same year the Milgauss was designed and introduced to meet the demands of the scientific community. It was created to withstand magnetic fields of up to 1,000 gauss. Promptly the following year, Rolex crafted the timelessly elegant Lady-Datejust in 1957. It was the first ladies’ edition of the Rolex date chronometer in a smaller size perfectly fitting to a lady’s wrist. Rolex continued to created timeless reliable masterpieces. Today, Rolex is the single largest luxury watch company, retailing in over 100 countries.

Rolex Stainless Steel Model 126334BKSJ

The light reflections on the case sides and lugs highlight the elegant profile of the 41 mm Oyster case, which is fitted with a fluted bezel. Aesthetically, the Datejust has spanned eras, while retaining the enduring codes that make it, notably in its traditional versions, one of the most recognized and recognizable of watches.
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2. Switzerland has become synonymous with luxury watches and one of the top Swiss watch brands of all time is Patek Philippe.  The last family-owned independent watch manufacturer left in Geneva, the company was founded in 1839, and has remained in the hands of the Stern family since then. This continuity of ownership has allowed it to maintain its unique identity and the brand takes its creative freedom seriously.  Indeed, it’s Patek Philippe’s unparalleled approach to design that has allowed the brand to achieve status as one of the best watch companies in the world. Unanimously declared by experts to be responsible for some of the finest timepieces in existence, Patek Philippe watches are created on the basis of decades of knowledge and horological understanding. What makes a Patek Philippe watch so special is the fact that each detail has been finished by hand by a dedicated master craftsman. 

Patek Philippe 37mm Model 5196G-001

   The Calatrava, is recognized for obtaining a pure design, and encompasses the very essence of the round wristwatch, and perhaps one of the finest symbols of the Patek Phillippe style. This supremely elegant watch charms each new generation of watch collectors with its perfectly timeless appeal.



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3. Audemars Piguet is one of the most famous high-end watch companies in the world. Created in the Vallée de Joux of the Jura Mountains in Switzerland, AP watches now travel the world on the wrists of the rich and famous, including the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay-Z, and LeBron James.  What secured AP a seat at the table among the most successful global watch brands was its Royal Oak model. Introduced in 1972, the Royal Oak was the first stainless steel sports watch to be marketed as a luxury timepiece, combining style and durability for the first time ever. 


Audemars Piguet 39mm Model 15170OR.OO.A809CR.01

This certified authentic Brand New Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Selfwinding Dress Watch,  has a Rose Gold 39 mm Round Case with Screw Down Crown and a Rose Gold Bezel. This  Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Selfwinding has an attractive Silver Dial with Index Dial Markers. The high quality Audemars Piguet Automatic Movement will keep perfect time for you. The reliable Audemars Piguet Leather Bracelet will look great on your wrist.



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