We're on the RADIO! Sunday evenings, 8-9pm, WOR 710 AM

We're on the RADIO! Sunday evenings, 8-9pm, WOR 710 AM

Hello, Fans of Amazing Appraising!

    We have something exciting to announce! As you can probably tell from the title, WE ARE GOING TO BE ON THE RADIO!!

    'Amazing Appraising' with Lee the Appraiser will be on LIVE every Sunday evening from 8pm-9pm on WOR 710 AM radio station! 

    Lee the Appraiser is one of the most experienced appraisers in the nation with over 40 years of experience under his belt in stamps, coins, bullion, Hollywood and sports collectibles and memorabilia, historical collectibles, jewelry, and watches. His clients and experiences are filled with rich and powerful individuals and exclusive celebrities, and his broadcasts are to be just as exciting with lively conversations.

    Be sure to tune in every Sunday evening at 8pm! We feature special guests every episode, share exciting stories about the crazy experiences and items Lee the Appraiser has encountered, and we will provide a free appraisal for clients and listeners who call-in.

Click on the link below to tune in to WOR 710 AM: