APR 57

Breath of life by Adriana Henao

$ 5,000.00

APR 57

Breath of life by Adriana Henao

$ 5,000.00
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Breath of Life" captures the universal creative spirit and the balance of the terrestrial world. The work, in fluorine tones, fuses plants, animals (nahuales) and humans in a network of positive energy. This abstract painting symbolizes the creation and union of beings alive, connecting them in harmony.

The work visualizes the natural interaction between the earth and the universe, including elements such as wind, fire, water and earth.

In this framework, humans, animals and plants coexist, radiating powerful positive energy. The work invites optimistic thoughts, generating happiness and spiritual recharge. This "breath of life" called spirit is the essence that creates and unites our world.

Born in Pereira, Colombia, in 1987, Adriana Henao is a leading contemporary artist whose artistic path has been shaped by her unwavering passion for fashion design and her deep desire for creative expression. Since her inception, Henao has shown an unwavering commitment to the evolution of her style and a constant dedication to exploring new horizons.

The link between art and fashion became an integral part of Adriana Henao's life when she decided to undertake studies in fashion design. This formative chapter marked a significant milestone in her career, as she not only gained technical knowledge, but also embraced a new source of inspiration that would enrich her artistic vision in far-reaching ways.

The influence of fashion design became evident in Henao's work as her creations began to fuse abstract elements with fashion design elements. Lessons learned about composition, color palette, texture, and silhouette were masterfully integrated into her style, giving her works depth and a captivating visual narrative. The combination of colors and shapes began to tell stories of its own, capturing the essence of fashion as a means to express emotions and personal narratives.

The study of design also influenced her creative process, leading her to take a more deliberate and conceptual approach to her work. She experimented with materials, techniques, and textures, creating dynamic visual compositions that drew the eye and provoked reflection. Fashion not only became a source of stimulation, but also broadened her perception of the human body and her relationship with art, giving her works an organic and fluid quality that captures the very essence of the figure. human.

As Adriana Henao continued her artistic journey, her work evolved into a harmonious fusion of disciplines. This convergence of art and fashion not only defined her distinctive style, but also cemented her as a unique voice in the contemporary art world. Her constant commitment to exploration and her relentless pursuit of new techniques have been guided by her collaboration with some of the most renowned masters of art and artistic anatomy in Spain, particularly her experience at the prestigious Nigredo studio. .

Today, Adriana Henao continues to captivate the art world with her avant-garde work and her multifaceted approach. Her graceful fusion of abstract and realistic elements, influenced by fashion and anatomy, has cemented her position as an exceptionally versatile creator. Through each brushstroke and line drawn from her, Henao transcends the conventional boundaries of art and leaves a lasting mark on the contemporary art scene. Her biography is an inspiring testament to how passion and constant exploration can lead to the creation of a lasting artistic legacy.

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Appraisal Value: $5,000.00
Our Price: $5,000.00


Specifications of Painting


Adriana henao




ACRYLIC ON CAMBA. fluorine colors lacquered wood frame



Country / Origin:


Frame Type:

lacquered wood

Dimensions without Frame:

81 inches (wide) x 39 inches (high)

Dimensions with Frame:

 82inches (wide)x 40  inches (high)


Oil on Canvas


Very Fine Overall


Name and Year, White Paint, Bottom Right Corner

Appraisal Value:

Comes with $5,000.00 Certified Insurance Appraisal Certificate



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