1 oz 2018 Baseball Treasure Copper Round Pack (New)

$ 9.95


1 oz 2018 Baseball Treasure Copper Round Pack (New)

$ 9.95
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The 2018 Baseball Treasure Collection is a player card-themed series of silver and copper rounds for collectors. The series boasts impressive purity levels of .999 for both metals with designs reminiscent of popular player card packs that generations of American children have been purchasing. Today, 1 oz 2018 Baseball Treasure Copper Round Packs are available to you online from APR 57.

Round Highlights:

  • Available to you with a protective card pack!
  • Random player likenesses found inside!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure copper.
  • The obverse and reverse fields offer images of MLB players.
  • Please note you could receive matching copper round designs if you buy more than one.

In the 2018 Baseball Treasure Collection, all 30 Major League Baseball franchises are represented. Each team has just one player representing it in the pack. The designs depict the player in two different reliefs on each side with a design reminiscent of a collectible player card. In fact, the packaging of the silver and copper rounds is similar to that of a playing card pack.

All of the 1 oz 2018 Baseball Treasure Copper Round Packs are available to you in brand-new condition with a single copper round per pack. Each pack has a player card surrounding the copper round. Please note that we cannot guarantee the player that you find inside of the pack or the team represented. If you purchase multiple rounds, you could receive several items with the same player and team featured.

The obverse face of the 1 oz 2018 Baseball Treasure Copper Round features a portrait of a player. The individual player portrait is in the center of the copper round design field with inscriptions of his team name, player name, and position inscribed on this side.

On the reverse side of the 1 oz 2018 Baseball Treasure Copper Round is a depiction of that same player. However, the image on this side of the round features the player in an action shot from the field. That same players 2017 stats are also featured on this side of the copper round.

As you shop this 2018 Baseball Treasure Copper Pack, you should note that it is possible to receive one of two rare chase coins in your pack. The collection includes the possibility for a .999 pure silver coin for each of the MLB players in your pack instead of the copper round. The odds of receiving the silver coin design instead of the copper is 1:432 packs. Also available is a possible Aaron Judge gold coin that honors his rookie record of 52 homeruns in 2017, with odds of 1:21,600 packs. The total player checklist for the copper rounds or rare chase silver coins includes the following:

  • Aaron Judge Yankees
  • Adam Jones Orioles
  • Corey Dickerson Rays
  • Marcus Stroman Jays
  • Mookie Bets Red Sox
  • Yoan Moncada White Sox
  • Salvador Perez Royals
  • Miguel Cabrera Tigers
  • Joe Mauer Twins
  • Francisco Lindor Indians
  • Adrian Beltre Rangers
  • Jose Altuve Astros
  • Khris Davis Athletics
  • Mike Trout Angels
  • Robinson Cano Mariners
  • Bryce Harper Nationals
  • Freddie Freeman Braves
  • Justin Bour Marlins
  • Michael Conforto Mets
  • Rhys Hoskins Phillies
  • Anthony Rizzo Cubs
  • Joey Votto Reds
  • Josh Bell Pirates
  • Travis Shaw Brewers
  • Yadier Molina Cardinals
  • Buster Posey Giants
  • Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
  • Nolan Arenado Rockies
  • Paul Goldschmidt Diamondbacks
  • Will Myers Padres

Major League Baseball is the oldest professional sporting organization in the United States. Unlike other sports, baseball has perhaps the most devoted fanbase when it comes to purchasing collectibles. MLB player cards have been available since the first decade of the 20th century and have been a popular hobby with fans of the game for more than a century.

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APR ID 2860113
Year 2018
Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .999
Condition New
Edge Design Reeded
Series Baseball Treasure
CoA No
Packaging Type Presentation Packaging
Weight 1 AVDP Ounce
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