1 oz SilverTowne Happy Halloween Witch Silver Bar (New)

$ 30.92


1 oz SilverTowne Happy Halloween Witch Silver Bar (New)

$ 30.92
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Witches have been a part of cultural lore in societies around the globe for hundreds of years. Whether the name witch was directly associated with these individuals, a witch was a woman who was believed to practice dark magic and was, in many cases, an unpleasant woman to be around. Outside of Halloween celebrations, America has its own real history with witches that remains in the national consciousness. Right now, 1 oz SilverTowne Happy Halloween Witch Silver Bars are available to purchase online from APR 57.

Bar Highlights:

  • Arrives inside an individual sleeve, a sheet of 20 bars, or a box of 500 bars!
  • Special Halloween design!
  • Witchs hat and shoes in the design!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • On the obverse is a seasonal greeting of Happy Halloween.
  • The reverse features a blank field.

Each 1 oz SilverTowne Happy Halloween Witch Silver Bar is available to you in brand-new condition from SilverTowne Mint. The bars are available to purchase either individually or in multiples. Individual bars come with a protective sleeve, while multiples of 20 are housed in sheets and multiples of 500 are housed in boxes.

Although folktales involving witches exist throughout Christian societies and even predate the rise of Christianity, the specific idea of what a witch is in Western society has been defined in terms related to religion. A witch is any woman who is said to practice dark magic and live her life outside the bounds of religion. In America, this played out in real life during the Salem witch trials in the late-17th century. Several men and women living in Salem were accused of practicing witchcraft and corrupting others. A devoutly religious society, the Puritans hung those accused of witchcraft.

On the obverse of the 1 oz SilverTowne Happy Halloween Witch Silver Bar is a seasonal greeting with images of common witch wardrobe. While there are few details of what witches historically wore in folklore, modern tales talk of witches wearing tall hats with a buckle around the base of the top and wearing shoes that were often paired with striped stocks. The design on this side incorporates the socked legs as the LL in Halloween within the inscription of Happy Halloween.

The reverse side of 1 oz SilverTowne Happy Halloween Witch Silver Bars is left blank by the SilverTowne Mint. These bars are produced with the ability to get a custom engraving on the reverse field, with the ones retailers receive coming with the original blank field. You will find clustered wreaths on either side of the blank field and inscriptions of the weight, metal content, and purity.

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APR ID 3224082
Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .999
Manufacturer SilverTowne
Thickness 2.5 mm
Diameter 50 x 29 mm
Inner Pack 20
Outer Pack 500
Condition New
Edge Design Smooth
Series SilverTowne Halloween
CoA No
Packaging Type Sealed Plastic
Package Dimensions 2.6x1.8x0.1
Weight 1 Troy Ounce
Shipping Free Shipping on Orders Over $199
Dimensions 50 x 29 x 2.5 mm