10 oz Majestic Eagle Silver Round (Ultra High Relief)

$ 575.83


10 oz Majestic Eagle Silver Round (Ultra High Relief)

$ 575.83
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One of the more popular weights available in silver for sale is 10 oz silver. Not common among silver apr57 coins, you will find that 10 oz silver products are widely available in silver apr57 bars and silver apr57 rounds. A new ultra-high-relief round from the Mayer Mint brings the powerful eagle to life with impressive visuals. Today, 10 oz Majestic Eagle Silver Rounds are available to you online from APR 57.

Round Highlights:

  • Available to you in a protective capsule!
  • Stunning ultra-high-relief strike!
  • Limited mintage of only 1,000 rounds!
  • Contains 10 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Obverse features an eagles claw clutching an artistic eagle emblem.
  • Reverse depicts two eagles side by side.

The word eagle is a common term used to refer to large birds of prey within the Accipitridae familia. There are some 60 species of eagles living in Eurasia and Africa, with 14 species found outside of this range. 2 species live in North America, 9 in Central America and South America, and 3 in Australia. Regardless of specific species, eagles are viewed as majestic and powerful birds.

All of the 10 oz Majestic Eagle Silver Rounds in this product listing at APR 57 are available to you in brand-new condition with ultra-high-relief visuals. An ultra-high-relief round starts as a silver blank that is struck multiple times with intense pressure by the die during the coining process. The result is a deeper field on the round with greater 3D relief on the design elements. These 10 oz Majestic Eagle Silver Rounds ship to you individually packaged inside of protective capsules.

In North America, it is the bald eagle that is among the most common and beloved. The national emblem of the United States of America since 1792, the Founding Fathers praised the bald eagle for its longevity, majesty, and power. The bald eagle comes from the sea eagle group and together with the golden eagle is one of only two eagle species found in North America.

Obverse design elements on the 10 oz Majestic Eagle Silver Rounds include the powerful grip of an eagles talon wrapped around an artistic eagle bust. The talons have long, sharp claws that exert a powerful hold on the stylized bust of an eagle. The artistic bust of the eagle shows the bird with spread wings and its head in right-profile relief.

Reverse visuals on the 10 oz Majestic Eagle Silver Round feature two different eagles. The entirety of the background field features the stirring gaze of an eagle in front-facing relief, while the foreground includes another eagles head in left-profile relief.

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APR ID 3029415
Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .999
Condition New
Edge Design Reeded
Series Majestic Eagle
CoA No
Packaging Type Plastic Capsule
Weight 10 Troy Ounces
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