100 oz Eagle Cast Silver Bar (New, .9999)

$ 2,791.67


100 oz Eagle Cast Silver Bar (New, .9999)

$ 2,791.67
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Cast silver bars are a favorite of precious metals investors. With symbols of craftsmanship evident throughout the visuals of a cast silver bar and lower premiums compared to minted bars, cast silver bars are often sought out by investors buying silver in bulk. Cast silver bars also offer greater weight variety than other lineups, with weights ranging from 1 oz and 10 oz to 1 Kilo and even 100 Troy ounces. Right now, 100 oz Eagle Cast Silver Bars are available to purchase online from APR 57.

Bar Highlights:

  • Individual bars will ship in protective bubble wrap!
  • Largest cast silver bar in the Eagle Series!
  • Contains 100 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver.
  • The obverse features a swooping eagle with identifying inscriptions.
  • On the reverse is a blank field.
  • This 100 oz Eagle Cast Silver Bar is now available in brand-new condition.

Cast silver bars are produced in a manner similar to the production of jewelry. Silver is melted and poured into prefabricated molds that give the finished product its shape. In the case of cast silver bars, the mold is completely enclosable. After the silver is poured into the mold to make these 100 oz Eagle Cast Silver Bars, the mold is enclosed while the silver cools and hardens to form the cast bar.

The obverse side of 100 oz Eagle Cast Silver Bars includes the only design elements on the specimen. There is a swooping eagle in flight at the top of the bar with the weight, purity, and metal content inscribed at the bottom.

In 1792, the Founding Fathers of the United States of America selected the bald eagle as the official emblem of the nation. The powerful, majestic eagle was chosen for its longevity and represented the best of what those individuals hoped the nation would become in the future. An opportunistic hunter, the design on these cast silver bars showcases the swooping dive-attack of the eagle with its wings outstretched and its talons reaching for its prey.

On the reverse face of the 100 oz Eagle Cast Silver Bar, you will find a blank field. It is not uncommon for cast silver bars to have design elements on only one side. Private mints do this for a variety of reasons, but for the most part, the reverse is left blank simply because the mint only wants designs on one side and it keeps premiums lower.

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APR ID 2972094
Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .9999
Manufacturer CNT
Thickness 18 mm
Diameter 184 x 83 mm
Condition New
Edge Design Smooth
Series Eagle Cast Bar
CoA No
Packaging Type Protective Bubble Wrap
Weight 100 Troy Ounces
Shipping Free Shipping on Orders Over $199
Dimensions 184 x 83 x 18 mm