2 oz Buy The Invasion Bond Silver Bar (Fight for Freedom’s Sake #2, New)

$ 92.27


2 oz Buy The Invasion Bond Silver Bar (Fight for Freedom’s Sake #2, New)

$ 92.27
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The Fight for Freedoms Sake collection from the Osborne Mint is an impressive colorized 2 oz silver bar collection that catalogs some of the actual propaganda posters used by the United States government during World War II to drum-up and maintain public support for the nations involvement in the war. The 2nd release directly encourages Americans to help finance the war by purchasing invasion bonds. Now, 2 oz Buy the Invasion Bond Silver Bars are available to you for purchase online from APR 57.

Bar Highlights:

  • Bar arrives inside of a custom-fitted capsule with a Certificate of Authenticity!
  • 2nd design in the Fight for Freedoms Sake Series!
  • Limited mintage of only 2,500 bars!
  • Contains 2 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Obverse features a hand-engraved design of Americans storming the beaches.
  • Reverse offers a common design element of American soldiers advancing under heavy enemy fire.
  • Colorized visual elements on the obverse.
  • Individual serial numbers.

For more than two full years, the United States of America tried to remain out of the affairs of mainland Europe. Wary of a repeat of the horrors of World War I, America opted to remain on the sideline as the old powers of Europe fought yet another destructive war based mostly on the pains inflicted on Germany in the aftermath of its defeat in World War I.

On December 7, 1941, however, the war came to Americas doorstep when Imperial Japan attacked the US Navy base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The nation jumped in the deep end of the conflict and immediately began ramping up draft enlistment and industrial production to send its fighting forces off to war on two fronts. To finance this, the United States often sold war bonds. Purchased by the American people, it was a way for the government to borrow from its own people to help pay for the war.

In the new obverse design of the second release, the 2 oz Buy the Invasion Bond Silver Bar features the image of American forces storming ashore in a scene reminiscent of the Normandy invasion in June 1944. In this hand-engraved design. Americas soldiers wade ashore and try to get a foothold in the sand as American fighter lanes whiz overhead and naval vessels in the distance rain down shells in support of the GI advance.

This field of the bar has colorized visuals that include the waters of the sea in the background, the ships at sea, the planes in the air, and even the fires breaking out as landing vessels take fire from the enemy.

For the reverse, the 2 oz Buy the Invasion Bond Silver Bar includes a common design element used throughout the series. Here, American forces support one another in an advance under enemy fire.

These 2 oz Buy the Invasion Bond Silver Bars in the Fight for Freedoms Sake Series are available with custom-fitted capsules and feature a Certificate of Authenticity.

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APR ID 2549023
Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .999
Manufacturer Osborne Coinage
Condition New
Edge Design Smooth
Series Fight for Freedom\'s Sake
CoA Yes
Mintage 2,500
Packaging Type Plastic Capsule
Weight 2 Troy Ounces
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