30 Gram PAMP Suisse Silver PEZ Wafer Refills (New)

$ 81.65


30 Gram PAMP Suisse Silver PEZ Wafer Refills (New)

$ 81.65
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One of the most popular candies in the world today is now also a popular silver apr57 option for investors and collectors. PAMP Suisse and MTB Metals have released two unique PEZ dispenser cases with 6 individual 5 Gram Silver PEZ Wafers. For those who want to buy silver from this collection and arent concerned about the commemorative dispenser, PAMP and MTB now offer wafer refills. Now, 30 Gram PAMP Suisse Silver PEZ Wafer Refills are available to you for purchase online from APR 57.

Product Highlights:

  • Wafers arrive in a six-wafer capsule!
  • Beautiful replica of the PEZ wafer shape!
  • Reverse proof visuals!
  • Contains 30 Grams (.9645 Troy oz) of .9999 pure silver.
  • Obverse features the PEZ brand logo.
  • Reverse offers identifying information.
  • Ideal for refilling PEZ dispensers!

PEZ is one of the most recognizable and beloved candies in the world today. Invented in 1927 by Eduard Haas III in Austria, the original PEZ candies were only peppermint flavored. Now, PEZ candy wafers are produced in a wide range of flavors. One thing has never changed though, the shape of each individual PEZ candy remains the same.

Curiously enough, PEZ was actually developed at first as a chew to help with smoking cessation. Today, more than 3 billion bricks of PEZ are consumed in the United States alone. Part of the popularity of the candy is the wide range of collectible PEZ dispensers you can house the candies inside of.

Obverse design elements of the individual 30 Gram PAMP Suisse Silver PEZ Wafer Refills include the popular PEZ logo on the obverse. Each one of the wafers comes with reverse proof visuals that deliver mirrored elements and frosted background fields. These individual silver wafers have the same size and shape of PEZ candies with the overall brick shape and curved corners.

Reverse features of the 30 Gram PAMP Suisse Silver PEZ Wafer Refills include identifying markers. On this side, you will find the PAMP Suisse logo with the assayers stamp and notations of the weight, metal content, and purity. In the case of the weight, the weight of an individual wafer is marked as 5 g.

These 30 Gram PAMP Suisse Silver PEZ Wafer Refills arrive with a total of six individual PEZ silver wafers inside of a protective plastic capsule. The capsule has a removable top and six individual spots to house the wafers separate from one another so there is no contact between them while stored. Best of all, you can actually house these PEZ silver wafers inside of PEZ dispensers.

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APR ID 3129883
Purity .9999
Manufacturer PAMP Suisse
Condition New
Edge Design Smooth
Series PAMP Suisse PEZ Wafer
CoA No
Packaging Type Presentation Packaging
Weight .9645 Troy Ounces
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