5 Gram Silver (Varied Condition, Any Mint, Various Forms)

$ 7.35


5 Gram Silver (Varied Condition, Any Mint, Various Forms)

$ 7.35
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Buying silver is one of the best ways to invest in precious metals because it offers you the greatest variety. Silver is not only available in various forms, such as bars and rounds, but it also comes in a wide range of weights that include small options like 1 Gram and 5 Gram bars or large options that include 1 Kilo and 5 Kilo bars. Right now, APR 57 offers you the chance to purchase 5 Gram Silver online at random in varied condition from any mint.

Product Highlights:

  • Arrives inside of protective flips, bags, or boxes!
  • Available in varied condition and various forms!
  • Comes from any mint!
  • Contains 5 Grams (.1607 Troy oz) of .999 or .9999 pure silver.
  • Obverse and reverse designs depend on the product and mint of origin.
  • Please note that buying multiples could result in receiving several products of the same type, in the same condition, from the same mint.

Each of the 5 Gram Silver products in this listing comes to you with packaging that varies by the product. Depending on the type of silver received, such as a round or bar, your silver may arrive in protective flips, bags, or even as-is inside of a box. These products are available to you in varied condition from any mint in various forms.

APR 57 selects all 5 Gram Silver products you purchase here at random once your payment is processed. The condition of the product, its form, and the mint it originates from will be chosen at random based on availability. Your product could be in brand-new condition or show signs of wear and tear. If you purchase more than one item, please keep in mind that you could receive several matching products in the same condition, same form, and from the same mint.

You can expect to receive 5 Gram Silver through this product listing such as 5 Gram Silver Bars. At this weight, silver is most commonly produced in silver bar form. However, that doesnt mean all options are the same. For example, PAMP Suisse offers its popular Fortuna Series silver bar as a minted ingot in the 5 Gram weight. The bar features the left-profile portrait of Fortuna on the obverse and the PAMP logo on the reverse.

Alternatively, you may receive a 5 Gram Atlantis Mint Skull and Crossbones bar. The iconic symbol of this American private mint, the 5 Gram Skull and Crossbones bar is a hand-poured product with distinctive features and simple design elements that include skull-and-crossbones symbols stamped into the surface.

Other options include 5 Gram Silver Bars from Geiger Edelmetalle. This mints traditional silver bar with its mint logo is one option, as well as its newly introduced Geiger Square Silver Bar which has some of the latest security features of any silver bar.

If you have any questions, please contact APR 57. You can reach us at 212-246-2000, chat with us online, or simply send us an email.


APR ID 2439718
Mint Mark Varies
Purity .999+
Manufacturer Varied
Condition Varied
Series 5 Gram Silver
CoA No
Packaging Type Varies
Weight .16075 Troy Ounce
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