90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars ($500 FV, Circulated)

$ 10,381.79


90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars ($500 FV, Circulated)

$ 10,381.79
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The Kennedy Half Dollar coin design is one of the more unique in American history, not necessarily for its imagery, but for the timing of its arrival. Prior to 1965, all silver denominations in the US had 90% silver in the content of the coin. The last date mark for this was 1964. The Kennedy Half Dollar design arrived just in time for one date mark in the series to fall into the 90% silver coins era in American history. Right now, 90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars are available to purchase online from APR 57 in $500 Face Value lots.

Coin Highlights:

  • Arrives in a bag containing 1,000 US Half Dollars in total!
  • Only available date mark is 1964!
  • Contains 357.5 Troy oz of actual silver content.
  • Bears individual face values of $.50 (USD) backed by the federal government.
  • On the obverse is a bust of President John F. Kennedy.
  • The reverse features the modified presidential seal.

Each bag of 90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars contains a total of 1,000 US Half Dollar coins for a total face value of $500 (USD). The coins in this listing are from circulation in the US and will show signs of wear and tear as a result. The only possible date mark on the coins in this bag is 1964. Each of the individual coins contains 90% silver with 10% copper.

The Kennedy Half Dollar arrived at a time the US Mint was shifting away from 90% silver in its circulation coins because of rising silver prices. The coins were becoming more valuable for the silver content than the face value supported. Since the cupro-nickel alloy rolled out in 1965, the only Kennedy Half Dollar struck with 90% silver was the debut of the design in 1964.

On the obverse side of 90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars is the left-profile bust of President John F. Kennedy. The design was created earlier in the 1960s by Gilroy Roberts for the John F. Kennedy Presidential series of medals and was repurposed after his assassination for use on the half dollar.

The reverse field of 90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollar coins features a modified version of the US Presidential Seal. Created by Frank Gasparro, this image features the heraldic eagle at its heart with the bird clutching the olive branch of peace in one talon and arrows of war in the other. The US heraldic shield is on its chest and a ring of 50 stars surrounds its figure.

Mint marks will feature on certain coins in this 90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollar batch. The 1964 coins were produced by the Denver Mint, San Francisco Mint, and Philadelphia Mint. The Denver and San Francisco coins have a D or S mint mark, respectively, below the eagles talon that clutches the olive branch. Philadelphia coins have no mint mark.

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