Part 2: Set of Jewish Ceremonial Items

Part 2: Set of Jewish Ceremonial Items

As we mentioned in last week’s blog post, Judaica refers to items used in Jewish ceremonial rituals.




The spice box originates with the custom of observing the Sabbath. The Sabbath is the holiest day of the week, a day set aside for remembrance of God.


Cloves are placed inside the box, a blessing is said, and one is to enjoy the smell of the cloves during this. 


It is believed that a soul comes down to celebrate the Sabbath, which means that Jews must adjust to the absence of this soul when it leaves. The scent of the spice is meant to ease the return to the week upon the end of the Sabbath.


This particular spice box is especially nice. It is European in origin and stamped sterling silver. It was probably made in the early 1900s.



This sterling silver cup appears to be a regular cup, however, the two small sticks on the sides reveal its true purpose. This cup was meant for “water at the end”, meaning at the end of a meal. After the meal, one takes a little water and wipes their fingers and mouth to remove any residue. The item is not particularly unusual or ornate therefore it is not super valuable. 


We have a collection of several old antique Hannukiahs which are candle holders for Hannukah that typically have 7 or 8 stems on them. These could potentially be of very high value so if you have any to sell, we would love to check them out. 


If you have any interesting Judaica pieces you’d like to get appraised, please send pictures to us at (917)-439-9610. 


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