Sandrine Comas

'I work to travel the world, and traveling inspires my work.

Following my university studies in fine art and art history, I was always interested in the meaning of art. What is its function and how it plays into our lives.

For 20 years, I have been creating designs in two opposite worlds, textile design and fine art; viewing the art at the same time, an actress and a spectator.

I like working with the invisible and illusion. What we see without looking, what we do not have time to look at, what we do not want to see, now or anymore.

I observe the world with consternation or simple observation. I observe the universal codes. Observing with “no sense,” and with “double sense” of things and giving meaning to what has no meaning anymore.

I approach different themes with the same conviction: human beings, endangered animals, nature and objects of the everyday life.

Paying attention to what we look at and how we perceive it is most important to me and that is me...'

-Sandrine Comas


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