Contemporary Art

Given the amount of contemporary art offered in the market, it is more often than not that great artists struggle to promote their art, regardless of the quality of their work. Whether it is their exact style, medium, the unique way of expressing themselves our art expert believes that these artists all offer something unique that is difficult to find anywhere else! 

Every piece of artwork we offer will come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a free Certified Insurance Appraisal. Additionally, virtually every piece will come with an additional certificate of authenticity directly from the artist, as well as a personal note stating their inspiration and and reasons behind creating that specific unique piece that you purchased.

We are currently representing the artists below. Click to find out more about them and view their work individually. In addition, please contact us with any interest or questions. We will be happy to address them immediately in the best way possible. For an immediate response, call or text us at (917) 439-9610.

Wayne Ensrud | Contemporary Art | APR57

Wei Li | Contemporary Art | APR57 New York City
Neil Kerman | Contemporary Art | APR57 New York CityAl Díaz | Contemporary Art | APR57 New York CityKevin Cole | Contemporary Art | APR57 New York City
Dora Tomulic | Contemporary Art | APR57
Patti Mollica | Contemporary Art | APR57 New York City
Gregory Hergert | Contemporary Art | APR57


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