Alexandra Bendit

Alexandra Bendit | Contemporary Art | APR57

Alexandra Bendit was born in a small suburb of Washington DC to a Korean mother and American father. Introduced to graphic design through a trade program at 17, Alex started to take on small clients. Soon after being scouted in DC she began her modeling career working with the Washington Post Magazine. While attending business school at WVU she moved to New York City and decided to continue her education online. Along with the expansion of her modeling work, one of her passion projects, an independent runway show was sponsored by Bacardi.

Shortly after Alex developed a photo editing partnership with Airbnb experiences. Getting more grounded in NYC she went on to book an international make up campaign for Sephora X Natasha Denona. Developing a niche for luxury beauty she connected with Conde Nast going on to work with Allure in 2019 and Glamour in 2020. Inspired to delve deeper into her passions she began to create multimedia art. Alex's oceanic style of abstract expressionism explores the complexities of emotions and the human experience. Utilizing color psychology to create visual representations of feelings.



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