Oleg Kufayev

Artist Bio:
Ukrainian artist Oleg Kufayev was a mechanical engineer in Kiev. He moved to America over three decades ago, creating art inspired by the still lifes of Vincent Van Gogh. Still lifes to Kufayev are the most enjoyable model. He seeks to communicate the beauty of the world through his impressionistic paintings. While self-taught, Kufayev studied at Parsons School of Design.  He currently resides in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. 



Selected Exhibitions:
Introducing Myself | Podval Gallery | Brooklyn
Russian Traditions: Figures | Orange Bear Gallery | New York
Magic Signs | Orange Bear Gallery | New York
Transition East/West | Orange Bear Gallery | New York
Spring’s 99 | Marlen Gallery | New York
Anniversary Rotation | Marlen Gallery | New York
Plan for Peace | The Times Square Gallery | New York
Towards the Next Millennium | Charas Gallery | New York
American Portraits | Tassinary Galzature | Bologna 
Spring 2000 | Charas Gallery | New York
International Art Show | Nosotros | New York
Full Moon | Asociacion Tepeyac | New York
Art Show, Fall’s 2001 | Charas Gallery | New York
Small Works | Mimi Ferzt Gallery | New York
Galeria Alfa | Trogir | Croatia
Portraits | Mimi Ferzt Gallery | New York


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