1 Gram Silver (Varied Condition, Any Mint, Various Forms)

$ 2.92


1 Gram Silver (Varied Condition, Any Mint, Various Forms)

$ 2.92
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There is a variety of silver for sale available online from APR 57. As you browse our catalog, youll find an impressive array of silver apr57 products that include silver coins, silver rounds, silver bars of all kinds, and even silver bullets. Silver bars are the most popular and common type of silver available. Today, 1 Gram Silver is available to you online in varied condition and forms from APR 57.

Product Highlights:

  • Available to you inside of protective plastic!
  • Possible products include poured silver bars and minted ingots!
  • Contains 1 Gram (.03215 Troy oz) of .999 or .9999 pure silver.
  • Obverse and reverse designs issued by the mint of origin.
  • If you purchase multiple products in this listing, please note you could receive several of the same type, condition, and form.

Silver bars are the most common type of apr57 product in the world alongside their gold counterparts. Although silver coins are issued by sovereign mints in countless nations, the number of private mints issuing silver apr57 bars results in a great deal of variety. This means not just varying sizes, but varying types of silver bars.

In this 1 Gram Silver product listing from APR 57, you have the chance to purchase 1 Gram of silver in any condition from various mints and in various forms. All products are housed in protective packaging, with the type of packaging varying based on the specific product. Examples include protective plastic sleeves or protective plastic pouches/bags, as well as protective boxes.

APR 57 cannot guarantee the specific type of product you will receive, the mint it originates from, or the condition it arrives in. some products could arrive in brand-new condition with original packaging or showcase varying levels of wear and tear with protective packaging. If you buy several 1 Gram silver products through this listing, please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the variety of products you receive. You may also receive products that all match one another.

Examples of available 1 Gram Silver in this listing include minted ingots and other types of silver bars. One new example is the Geiger Silver Square that was recently introduced by Geiger Edelmetalle. These products have the beauty and security features of silver apr57 coins in the form of silver bars. Geiger also issues its traditional minted ingots in this weight. Some mints and refineries will issue 1 Gram silver in rustic forms that include hand-poured products.

Please dont hesitate to reach out to APR 57 if you have any questions about these 1 Gram silver products. You can call us on the phone at 212-246-2000, online through our live chat, and via our email address.


APR ID 2348197
Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .999
Manufacturer Varied
Condition Varied
Series 1 Gram Silver
CoA No
Packaging Type Plastic Flip
Weight .0321 Troy Ounce
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