1 oz Spartan Warriors Copper Round (New)

$ 9.95


1 oz Spartan Warriors Copper Round (New)

$ 9.95
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While elite Special Forces are the most feared warriors in the world today, the special forces of the ancient world were unquestionably those warriors from Sparta. The Ancient Greek city-state of Sparta was the central power within Greece in its day and relied upon the highly-trained, strictly regimented army it fielded to crush opponents. Right now, 1 oz Spartan Warrior Copper Rounds are available to purchase online from APR 57.

Round Highlights:

  • Arrives inside of protective packaging!
  • 1st issue in a series of 6 Warrior Rounds!
  • Contains 1 AVDP oz of .999 pure copper.
  • Obverse features a Spartan warrior in battle regalia with a spear and shield.
  • The reverse includes a Spartan warriors helmet with common weapons of warfare.

Each of the 1 oz Spartan Warrior Copper Rounds in this listing is available to you in brand-new condition. The rounds are available in individual packaging or multiples, and this particular design is the debut issue in an exciting series to come with images of different warriors from the ancient world.

Sparta was the central cog in a collection of Greek city-states. Tradition dictates that the Spartan legislator Lycurgus was the founder of the iconic Spartan army. It was his belief that Sparta needed only a wall of men, instead of bricks to protect themselves. He reformed the society of Sparta to focus on a military lifestyle.

On the obverse of 1 oz Spartan Warrior Copper Rounds is the image of a strong, physically dominating Spartan warrior. He wears a cape over his shoulders with a Corinthian helmet on his head and a shield in his left hand. As he leaps toward his enemy, he wields a long spear and is ready to drive it through his opponent.

Spartan men were taken from the age of 6 into military training. Their whole lives revolved around mental and physical preparation for war. It is even said that the only time Spartan men werent training for war was when they were away fighting a war. From the 6th to 4th centuries BC, no army on Earth was as disciplined and skilled as that of Sparta.

The reverse face of 1 oz Spartan Warrior Copper Rounds includes the front-facing view of a Corinthian helmet. The helmets design is crisscrossed by numerous weapons that were commonly used by Spartans on the field of battle. This includes the Dory spear Spartans would employ from behind their phalanx shield walls, the Xiphos short sword common in hand-to-hand combat, and a battle ax.

If you have any questions about these exciting new rounds, please dont hesitate to ask. You can contact APR 57 at 212-246-2000, chat with us live online, or send us an email.



APR ID 2249681
Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .999
Thickness 3.2 mm
Diameter 39.2 mm
Inner Pack 20
Outer Pack 500
Condition New
Edge Design Reeded
Series Spartan Warrior
CoA No
Capsule Size 39 mm
Packaging Type Plastic Flip
Weight 1 AVDP Ounce
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