35% Silver War Nickels ($200 FV, Circulated)

$ 5,710.50


35% Silver War Nickels ($200 FV, Circulated)

$ 5,710.50
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The US Nickel has a unique history that sets it apart from many other American denominations. First introduced in 1792 and produced from 1794 to 1805, the nickel was originally known as the US half disme, an old spelling for the word dime. It wasnt until 1866 that the US 5-cent coin was known as the nickel. Among the unique issues of this coin, the War Nickels of the 20th century are by far the most sought-after. Right now, 35% Silver War Nickels are available to you in a $200 Face Value batch to purchase online from APR 57.

Coin Highlights:

  • Arrives inside of a bag of 4,000 Silver War Nickels!
  • Dated 1942 to 1945!
  • Features 35% silver per coin!
  • Contains 225.04 Troy oz in total of silver content.
  • Bears a total face value of $200 (USD) backed by the federal government.
  • President Thomas Jefferson is on the obverse.
  • His home at Monticello is on the reverse.

Each of the 35% Silver War Nickels in this product listing come packaged together in a bag. The bag features a total of 4,000 individual US nickels. Known as War Nickels, these are the only issues of the US nickel to feature silver content and are extremely limited to dates of 1942-1945. The coins are all in circulated condition and show common signs of wear and tear associated with handling in commercial transactions.

The United States Mint introduced the 35% Silver War Nickel amidst World War II when certain metals were considered essential to the war effort. Nickel was one of the most important metals and the US Mint had to find a way to remove all of the nickel content from the 5-cent piece without opening up the coin to increased counterfeiting. The result was a coin with 35% silver content in its metal composition alongside 56% copper and 9% manganese.

President Thomas Jefferson is featured in left-profile relief on the obverse of 35% Silver War Nickels. This design was only recently introduced in 1938 by the US Mint to replace the Buffalo Nickel design and by mid-1942 was the first to ever appear on a silver nickel with the introduction of the War Nickels.

Jeffersons home at Monticello in the state of Virginia is found in the reverse design element of the 35% Silver War Nickel. The Jefferson Nickel remains in circulation today in the United States, though the designs on both sides of the coin have been modified in the 80-plus years since that time.

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