5 oz Antique Finish Silver Soldiers Collection Stovepipe Sterling Statue (New, Box + CoA)

$ 352.44


5 oz Antique Finish Silver Soldiers Collection Stovepipe Sterling Statue (New, Box + CoA)

$ 352.44
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Generations of Americans grew up playing with small, plastic army men around the house. These Green Army Men were a popular toy in the days before video games and smartphones as the imagination in children came out while they conducted small-scale battles. Those army men might not be a popular toy now, but you can still arrange your soldiers with new silver statues. The 5 oz Antique Finish Silver Soldiers Collections Stovepipe Sterling Statue is now available to you for purchase online from APR 57.

Statue Highlights:

  • Arrives inside of a protective box with a Certificate of Authenticity!
  • Part of the Silver Soldiers Collection!
  • Limited casting of only 1,000 statues!
  • Contains 5 Troy oz of actual silver content.
  • Depicts a 1:24 scale image of an American soldier wielding a bazooka.
  • Antique silver polish.
  • Laser-etched serial number and purity on the base of the statue.

The bazooka is the commonly used term for a rocket-propelled anti-tank weapon. It was developed by the United States Army as the first-ever anti-tank weapon for use by infantry in combat situations. The solid-propellant rocket launched from the bazooka gave infantry a tool to fight back against armor and the American bazooka debuted during World War II.

Bazookas earned the nickname stovepipe for the distinctive appearance of the launching tube used to propel the round downrange. Bazookas have evolved with time into shoulder-fired missile systems capable of destroying modern tanks, eliminating fortified enemy positions, and even launching ground-to-air rounds at fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

These 5 oz Antique Finish Silver Soldiers Collection Stovepipe Sterling Silver Statues are available from Heads or Tales coins as a 1:24 replica of an infantryman wielding the same weapon. The statues all depict a World War II-era American infantryman kneeling down as he hoists the bazooka over his shoulder and looks through the sights to locate his target. On the ground at his feet are extra rounds to fire if his first shot misses.

Each of the statues in this collection features HotCos proprietary antique polish. Not only does this polish give the finished product the patina of age, it also gives the statue an heirloom quality perfect for any collection. On the base of the individual statues, youll find the laser-etched serial number and purity of the statue.

All of these 5 oz Antique Finish Silver Soldiers Collection Stovepipe Sterling Statues is available to you with a protective box and comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The serial number on the base matches that of the included COA.

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