90% Silver Coins ($1 FV, Circulated, Dimes, and/or Quarters and/or Halves)

$ 24.93


90% Silver Coins ($1 FV, Circulated, Dimes, and/or Quarters and/or Halves)

$ 24.93
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When it comes to investing in silver, you dont always have to buy proof and apr57 coinage from sovereign mints to make a solid investment. Ninety percent silver offers an extremely affordable option when buying silver because it comes without the added premiums over the spot price of silver associated with apr57 coinage. There are 90% Silver Coins available to purchase today from APR 57 in $1 increments.

Coin Highlights:

  • Arrives in a zip-top plastic bag.
  • Contains 90% pure silver content.
  • Total face value of $1 (USD) issued by the United States.
  • Available in Dimes, Quarters, and Half-Dollars.
  • Minted prior to 1964.

In this product listing you have the chance to purchase 90% Silver Coins from APR 57, available with a total face value of $1 (USD) and consisting of US 10-cent, 25-cent, and 50-cent pieces. These coins were all struck prior to 1964, the point at which the United States Mint adopted cupro-nickel and other metallic alloy combinations for circulation coinage.

There are many possible designs you could receive in these 90% silver coins. The earliest design possibilities come from the so-called Barber Coinage of the United States Mint. Starting in 1892 then-US Mint Chief Engraver Charles E. Barber created the obverse and reverse designs of the nations dime, quarter, and half dollars as part of a revamp of American coinage.

Beginning in 1905 under the administration of President Theodore Roosevelt, the United States embarked upon another revitalization program for American coins, this time with the aim of creating distinctly American designs that reflected the nations growing prominence as an international power.

Among the designs youll find from this era are the Mercury Dime from Adolph A. Weinman, the Standing Liberty Quarter from Hermon Atkins MacNeil, and the Walking Liberty Half Dollar from Weinman.

The Mercury Dime was actually a depiction of Liberty wearing a winged Phrygian cap that was similar to that worn by the Roman messenger god, Mercury. The dime was in circulation in the United States from 1916 to 1945.

Another famous image from Weinman, and arguably one of the most popular in American history, is that of Walking Liberty. Designed in 1916 by Weinman, it depicted Liberty walking toward the setting sun as a symbol of Americas drive toward a brighter future. This design was in circulation on the half dollar until 1947, and appears today on the American Silver Eagle apr57 coin program.

90% Silver Coins make a great investment option for those just starting out in precious metals. The condition of the coins means little to the overall value, because there is no expectation of perfect condition. However, the intrinsic value lies in the 90% silver metal content and the lower pricing point at which you can purchase the items.

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APR ID 1478560
Year Random
Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .900
Manufacturer US Mint
Condition Varies
Face Value $1
Issuing Country United States
Edge Design Reeded
CoA No
Packaging Type Plastic Bag
Weight .715 Troy Ounce
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