90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes ($500 FV, Circulated)

$ 10,467.60


90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes ($500 FV, Circulated)

$ 10,467.60
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Junk silver is a somewhat misleading term often applied to valuable silver coins. Prior to 1965, US silver coin denominations were issued with 90% silver content and 10% copper, making each one a valuable item to buy in bulk in the modern era. Junk silver is applied to these coins because when you buy them in bulk, the coins come from circulation and lack the visual brilliance that collectors would prefer. Right now, 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes are available in bulk bags of $500 (USD) to purchase online from APR 57.

Coin Highlights:

  • Arrives in a bag with 5,000 US Dimes in all!
  • Date marks range from 1946 to 1964!
  • Contains 357.5 Troy oz of actual silver content.
  • Bears an individual face value of $.10 (USD) per coin backed by the federal government.
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt on the obverse.
  • Torch flanked by branches of olive and oak on the reverse.
  • Please remember you are likely to receive varying date marks in your bag of US Dimes.

Each of the 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes in this $500 Face Value bag come from circulation and have date marks ranging from 1946 to 1964. There are a total of 5,000 US Dimes in this bag, with each coin offering the current Roosevelt Dime design from the US Mint as designed by John R. Sinnock.

The Roosevelt Dime, together with the Washington Quarter and Kennedy Half Dollar, are the only designs to crossover from US silver coining to the use of the new cupro-nickel alloy. Though the Roosevelt Dime is still in production today in the United States, only those specimens produced between 1946 and 1964 contain 90% silver content.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt is featured on the obverse of the 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes in this listing. The longest-serving president in American history is depicted on the obverse side in left-profile relief. This side of the coin includes the date mark and the initials of the designer, JS for John Sinnock.

A torch is featured in the center of the reverse design element on 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes. The torch is flanked on one side by an oak branch and on the other by an olive branch. The nation of issue and face value of the coin are noted on this side, along with a mint mark from the issuing mint. Denver, San Francisco, and West Point Mint coins have the respective mint marks to the lower left of the torch, while Philadelphia Mint coins of this era have no mint mark.

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