90% Silver Washington Quarters ($500 FV, Circulated)

$ 10,024.29


90% Silver Washington Quarters ($500 FV, Circulated)

$ 10,024.29
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One of the longest-running coin designs in American history is the Washington Quarter. Surpassed only by the Lincoln Penny portrait, the Washington Quarter has been in production since 1932. From 1932 to 1964, the US Mint issued these quarters with 90% silver content. This makes the coins a great option for bulk investing at an affordable rate. Right now, 90% Silver Washington Quarters in a $500 Face Value lot are available to purchase online from APR 57.

Coin Highlights:

  • Arrives in a bag with 2,000 US Quarters in all!
  • Features date marks ranging from 1932 to 1964!
  • Contains 357.5 Troy oz of actual silver content.
  • Bears an individual face value of $.25 (USD) backed by the federal government.
  • The obverse features President George Washington.
  • On the reverse is the heraldic eagle of the United States.
  • Please note that you will receive varying date marks in the bag.

Each of the 90% Silver Washington Quarters you receive in this bag has a silver content of 90% with a balance of 10% copper. The bag includes a total of 2,000 individual US quarters for a combined face value of $500 (USD). Please note that your bag will contain a wide variety of date marks. Only those Washington Quarters issued from 1932 to 1964 will be in this bag as silver coining ended in 1965.

Congress halted the Standing Liberty Quarter design program in 1930 due to a lack of popularity for the design. Congress authorized putting Washington on the US Quarter in 1932 to mark the 200th anniversary of his birth.

The obverse design of 90% Silver Washington Quarters includes a left-profile bust of President George Washington. The first President of the United States of America, Washington served two terms and voluntarily stepped aside so new individuals could have a line to the highest office in the land. Washingtons bust on the US Quarter was created in 1932 by John Flanagan and comes with inscriptions of Liberty, the national motto, and the date mark.

On the reverse field of 90% Silver Washington Quarters is a version of the heraldic eagle of the United States. Also designed by Flanagan, the image features an American bald eagle looking to the left with its wings spread out wide. The bird clutches a quiver of arrows in its talons with an olive branch below the arrows. Mint marks are featured on this side of the coins. The four modern mint facilities in the US Mint system produced these 90% Silver Washington Quarters, with mint marks present for only the Denver, San Francisco, and West Point Mint coins.

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