100 oz Silver (Varied Condition, Any Mint, Various Forms)

$ 2,809.37


100 oz Silver (Varied Condition, Any Mint, Various Forms)

$ 2,809.37
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Only 1 oz and 10 oz silver bars offer investors more variety than youll find in 100 oz silver. While there are no coins or rounds available at this weight, something you will find in the smaller two weights, the variety of silver bars for sale in the 100 oz range is impressive. Today, you can purchase random 100 oz Silver products online from APR 57.

Product Highlights:

  • Available to you inside of protective plastic sleeves!
  • Contains 100 Troy oz of at least .999 pure silver.
  • Obverse and reverse designs vary by mint.
  • Offered today in varied condition and forms.
  • Please be aware you may receive several products in the same condition and format, as well as from the same mint, when buying multiples.

100 oz Silver comes in various forms, but the most popular are silver bars. However, just because silver bars represent the most common format, that doesnt mean theres an overall lack of variety. Youll find silver bars in 100 oz weights that are minted ingots, hand-poured specimens, and cast silver.

All 100 oz Silver in this listing is available to you as a varied allotment. This means that APR 57 cannot guarantee the particular item or items you will receive with your purchase. You are opting to buy 100 Troy oz of silver. The purity (.999 or .9999) is random and youre products could take the form of any type of silver bar or other silver apr57 product, such as silver bullets.

APR 57 selects your 100 oz Silver products at random once your payment has processed. If you buy more than one item through this listing, please note that you could receive several items in the same condition, with the same designs, and from the same mints.

Examples of popular 100 oz Silver products include, but are not limited to, the following specimens. The Royal Mint of England introduced a stunning 100 oz Silver Britannia Bar in late 2018. The obverse has a classic design of Britannia, the female personification of Britain, in right-profile relief.

Other examples include minted ingots such as the 100 oz Sunshine Silver Bar from Sunshine Minting. These bars have MintMark SI technology that offers peace of mind to the buyer and come with the Sunshine Minting logo of an American bald eagle flying in front of the sun on the primary surface.

Please dont hesitate to reach out to APR 57 if you have questions. You can call us at 212-246-2000, chat with us live online, or email us directly with your inquiries.


APR ID 2323325
Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .999
Manufacturer Varies
Condition Varied
Series 100 oz Silver
CoA No
Packaging Type Plastic
Weight 100 Troy Ounces
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