2.5 Gram Silver (Varied Condition, Any Mint, Various Forms)

$ 4.19


2.5 Gram Silver (Varied Condition, Any Mint, Various Forms)

$ 4.19
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Silver apr57 is one of the most popular precious metals among investors. You will find silver predominantly available in the form of silver coins with a 1 oz silver weight. When it comes to silver bars though, you will find a wider range of options available to you from 1 Gram up to 5 Kilograms. Today, 2.5 Gram Silver is available to online from APR 57.

Product Highlights:

  • Available to you in plastic flips or bags!
  • Varied condition and form!
  • Contains 2.5 Grams (.0803 Troy oz) of .999 or .9999 pure silver.
  • Obverse and reverse designs vary by the mint of origin.
  • Please remember you may receive several items in the same condition and form from the same mint if you buy more than one.

There are many forms that silver apr57 can take today. While many mints have issued silver bars and silver coins for decades, other products such as silver rounds and silver bullets represent just a few of the new options you have available. When you purchase random silver through listings such as this one with APR 57, you can also get silver with lower premiums by getting randomized silver.

All of the 2.5 Gram Silver products in this listing are available to you in plastic flips, sleeves, or bags depending on the type of product you receive. As mentioned, silver can take various forms and in this listing, you might receive a silver coin, silver round, silver bar, silver bullet, or even a silver statue. Additionally, the condition and mint of origin will vary in this listing.

Each of these 2.5 Gram Silver products are chosen for you at random once your payment has been processed. We cannot guarantee the specific type of product you receive, whether that product is brand-new or possesses flaws, and we cannot guarantee which mint originally produced it. Likewise, if you purchase multiple items you could receive several matching pieces depending on availability in our warehouse.

Obverse and reverse design elements in a listing such as this will vary based on the type of product and the mint that originally produced it. Items such as a silver statue dont have various sides, no do bullets. In these cases, the products take on a 3D representation of a real-life item. For bars and coins, the designs on each side can vary from special-issue imagery to simply mint logos and identifying markers.

Please feel free to reach out to APR 57 apr57 if you have any questions. Our customer service team is available at 212-246-2000, online using our live chat, and via our email address.


APR ID 2664459
Year Random
Mint Mark Varies
Purity .999+
Manufacturer Varies
Condition Varied
Series 2.5 Gran Silver
CoA No
Weight .08 Troy Ounce
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