2 Gram Gold Bar (Varied Condition, Any Mint)

$ 144.11


2 Gram Gold Bar (Varied Condition, Any Mint)

$ 144.11
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There are many ways to buy gold online. You can purchase brand-new gold apr57 coins, shop a variety of different types of gold apr57 bars, or even seek out gold rounds. Product listings such as this one with APR 57 eliminate the decision making by offering varied-condition, random gold apr57 products at much lower premiums than other brand-new product listings. 2 Gram Gold Bars are available to you right now for purchase online from APR 57 in varied condition from a variety of mints.

Bar Highlights:

  • Bars arrive inside of protective card packaging, sleeves, or boxes!
  • Variety of designs available from numerous mints!
  • Contains 2 Grams (.0643 Troy oz) of .999 or .9999 pure gold.
  • Obverse and reverse inscriptions vary by issuing mint.
  • Please keep in mind that purchasing multiples through this listing could result in receiving several bars in the same condition from the same mint.

Gold bars offer some of the best variety to investors because of the wide array of product types and sizes. For example, gold bars are commonly produced in weights as low as 1 or 2 grams to those struck in weights as large as 1 and 5 kilograms. Additionally, gold bars may be produced as cast bars, minted ingots, or hand-poured specimens.

The vast majority of 2 Gram Gold Bars are produced as either investment-grade cast bars or beautifully minted ingots with distinctive designs. One such example of 2 Gram Gold Bars that fall into the latter category are those from the Liberty design series at Credit Suisse. The Swiss banking and financial services giant produce its Liberty designs in various weights.

As an example of a bar you could receive through this listing, 2 Gram Gold Bars with the Liberty design from Credit Suisse feature the image of the Statue of Liberty on the obverse side along with weight, purity, and metal content information. While these bars feature .9999 pure gold content, it is possible for 2 Gram Gold Bars in this listing to feature either .999 or .9999 pure gold content depending on the type of bar and the issuing mint.

These 2 Gram Gold Bars are available to you with protective packaging that includes the possibility of protective cards, plastic sleeves, or even boxes. The bars available here are in varied condition and APR 57 is unable to guarantee you a particular condition. The gold bar you receive could be in brand-new condition or it may show varying levels of wear and tear.

If you purchase more than one 2 Gram Gold Bar in this listing, please remember that we select all products at random. This means you could receive multiple bars that have the same design elements, arrive in the same condition, and originate from the same mint.

We encourage you to contact  us with questions at 212-246-2000. Alternatively, you can connect with us online through our live chat and email address features.

APR ID 2420125
Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .9999
Manufacturer Varies
Condition Varied
Edge Design Smooth
Series 2 Gram Gold Bars
CoA No
Packaging Type Varies
Weight .0643 Troy Ounce
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