2 oz I’m Counting on You Silver Bar (Fight for Freedom’s Sake #3, New)

$ 92.27


2 oz I’m Counting on You Silver Bar (Fight for Freedom’s Sake #3, New)

$ 92.27
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After sitting on the sidelines of World War II for more than two years, the United States was sucker-punched by Japan when it attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. America was down that day, but it was far from out. The nations massive industrial complex kicked into overdrive and Americans from all walks of life made sacrifices to ensure that the Stars and Stripes would win the day in the end. Today, the 2 oz Im Counting on You Silver Bar commemorates one of the many memorable propaganda posters of the era and is available to you from APR 57.

Bar Highlights:

  • Available to you with an individual acrylic capsule!
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity!
  • 3rd issue in the Fight for Freedoms Sake Series!
  • Limited mintage of only 2,500 bars!
  • Contains 2 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Obverse mixes colorized fields with pure silver finishes depicting Uncle Sam.
  • Reverse has the common design of the series showcasing the grit of American GIs fighting overseas.
  • Unique serial numbers issued on each bar!

The US industrial complex had been supporting the Allies in Europe through a lend-lease program that provided tanks, guns, ammunition, and other support to Britain and France as they faced the Nazi scourge on the continent. It wasnt until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor that the United States stood up to join the fight. Over the course of the next four years, United States Military forces would fight a successful two-front war against Nazism in Europe and the colonial expansionism of Imperial Japan in the Pacific.

2 oz Im Counting on You Silver Bars are available as part of the Fight For Freedoms Sake Series from the Osborne Mint. This collection offers four beautiful interpretations from among the more than 200,000 different propaganda posters used to drum up support among the American populace for the war. These bars are available individually with acrylic capsules, feature a unique serial number inscribed on the obverse, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity from the mint.

Obverse design elements on these 2 oz Im Counting on You Silver Bar capture one of the most popular images of World War II: Uncle Sam. In this design, Uncle Sam encourages Americans to support the war effort by keeping US Military movements from getting into enemy hands. With one finger extended over his mouth, Uncle Sam suggests Americans not discuss Troop Movements, Ship Sailings, or War Equipment.

Reverse imagery on the 2 oz Im Counting on Your Silver Bar is shared with all four design issues in the Fight For Freedoms Sake Series. Here, you can see brave fighting men from the United States Armed Forces advancing on the enemy.

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APR ID2549020Mint MarkNot ShownPurity.999ManufacturerOsborne CoinageConditionNewEdge DesignSmoothSeriesFight for Freedom\'s SakeCoAYesMintage2,500Packaging TypePlastic CapsulePackage Dimensions3.4x2.13x0.12Weight2 Troy OuncesShippingFree Shipping on Orders Over $199