90% Silver Coins ($100 FV, Circulated, Half Dollars)

$ 2,143.50


90% Silver Coins ($100 FV, Circulated, Half Dollars)

$ 2,143.50
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Please Note: Picture is an example only. Coins will be from designs of our choice based on our current inventory and may be a collection of the same design.

When most investors think of investment-grade coins or collectable coins from the United States Mint, the Silver American Eagle, Gold American Eagle or Gold American Buffalo come to mind immediately. For those without deep pockets and a lot of money to invest in precious metals, the United States Mint still has a product for you, and its been around for a long time. Today, 90% Silver Coins are available in packages of $100 in total face value, all in half-dollar coinage, online from APR 57.

Coin Highlights:

  • Arrives in a canvas or plastic bag.
  • Total of 200 US half-dollar coins!
  • Face value of $100 (USD) in total is backed by the US government.
  • 90% silver content!
  • Famous designs from US mintage history.

Prior to 1965, the United States Mint produced all circulation American currency with a silver content of 90%. However, starting in 1965 the US Mint adopted a copper-nickel alloy that shrunk the silver content of circulation coins below 90%. There were numerous reasons for this change.

First among those reasons was the rising cost of producing coins with such a high silver content. For many US coins, the face value of the coin was much lower than the value of the silver content within the product. The cost of producing those coins exceeded their value in the American economy.

Examples of possible 90% Silver Coins with an individual face value of $.50 include the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, Franklin Half Dollar, and the first-year issue of the Kennedy Half Dollar.

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was created in 1916 by Adolph A. Weinman. It featured the image of Liberty walking toward the setting sun with oak and laurel branches in her left hand and the American flag draped around her shoulders. It indicated the nation’s march toward a brighter future.

Other 90% Silver Coins include the Franklin Half Dollar coin which included a profile portrait of Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, as well as the Liberty Bell and heraldic eagle of the United States. The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Coins was the last US Half Dollar to feature 90% silver content.

With this product listing online from APR 57, youll receive a bag containing US half-dollar coins guaranteed to include $100 (USD) face value in total. Each half-dollar coin comes from US mintage history, but APR 57 cannot guarantee the individual designs youll find in this listing. The above examples are merely potential options you could find in your purchase.

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APR ID 1395017
Year Random
Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .900
Manufacturer US Mint
Condition Varies
Face Value $100
Issuing Country United States
Obverse Designer Adolph A Weinman
Edge Design Reeded
CoA No
Packaging Type Canvas or Plastic Bag
Weight 71.5 Troy Ounces
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